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Money For Drugz lyrics


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     Money For Drugz
    >> Linkin Park
        I...wanna make money for drugz
    To be sucked and eat bugz
    I wanna be a rockstar...
    but people say i'm pathatic
    even my own mother!!

    my earlier song was a flop.
    so i wanted to make a joint

    so roll roll roll my joint
    like i've never seen before...

    i wanna get stoned like my father every day...
    and drink a lot of rum like my father every day...

    FATHER (father)
    FATHER (father)
    FATHER (father)

    I wanna be a rockstar...
    and make money for drugz every day

    i'm so addicted to marhijuana..
    that i can't live without your mama

    your my :

    I wanna smoke weed every day...
    get stoned like my father...(every day)

    I got a gun the other day...
    it's right in my pocket...
    (yeah right in my pocket!)

    no lights no music...

    i think i wanna stay....
    to make money for drugzzzz!
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